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Humans and yaoguai (spirits, demons) used to be one family but they split long ago, with yaoguai possessing superior strength and humans possessing superior intellect. Since the split, humans and yaoguai have been waging wars against each other, but some humans and yaoguai still fall in love with each other. However, humans have very short lives whereas demons can live for thousands of years, so the Tushan Fox Spirits discovered just the solution to eternal love.

For love to continue past the grave, both human and yaoguai must make a Pledge of Love at the Kuqing Tree and use a special item as their Pledge Token. The catch is that when a human is reincarnated, they will not remember their past life. It is then the Fox Spirit Matchmaker's job to help a reincarnated human remember their past life so that they can reunite with their eternal love.

Susu is a clumsy young fox spirit and aspiring matchmaker. Bai Yuechu is a Daoist who loves food, money, and trolling the Yi Qi Dao League. Yaya is the Queen of Tushan, a master of ice magic who uses a huge Endless Gourd of wine to increase her powers. Yaya wants her younger sister Susu to marry Bai. Despite their resistance, it seems that fate has destined them to marry each other. However, the Shadow Fox Empress seeks to tear them apart.

Susu and Bai Yuechu set off on an adventure to help humans and spirits reunite, while discovering a deeper connection between themselves and their own past lives.

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