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In a world where both humans and demons co-exist, humans can fall in love with demons, and demons can fall in love with humans. However, humans have very short lives whereas demons can live for thousands of years, and so demons were often left with seemingly endless years of loneliness, never to be reunited with their loved ones. However, the fox spirits discovered a solution.

In order to allow the love between a human and a demon to continue even after the death of a human, both parties must make a Pledge of Love and have a memento that they can use as their Magical Vessel. The only problem is that when a human is reincarnated, they will not be able to recall their past life.

A fox spirit matchmaker's job is to attempt to revive the memories of a reincarnated human, and help them to remember their past life so that they can be reunited with the demon whom they had made the Pledge of Love with.

Tushan Susu is a clumsy young fox spirit and an aspiring matchmaker who has been ordered by her sister, Yaya the Queen of Tushan, to marry Bai Yuechu, a very poor and greedy Taoist whose mind seems to be set on foiling the Yi Qi Dao League's plans, money and food. Despite Susu and Yuechu's resistance, it seems that fate has also destined them to marry each other.

"Fox Spirit Matchmaker" is the story about Tushan Susu and Bai Yuechu as they set off together on an adventure to help humans and spirits reunite past love with one another, while discovering a deeper connection between themselves and their own past lives.


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Fox Spirit Matchmaker Trailer

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